Must Sacrifice Some Blood To Survive

Welcome To Jigsaw Saves

Watch the bloodshed of the Jigsaw killer unfold, while the police use all their efforts, but to no avail. It is a gripping drama that will keep you hooked to the end.

True-Crime Enthusiasts

This is a real story. If you love watching true crime movies, go for it.

New Series Of Murders

The murders are more ghastly than ever. But would the serial killer be ever caught?

American Horror Film

It is one of the best horror movies ever made.

Traditional Billy The Puppet Makeup, Captioned

"He is Everything. He is Everywhere. He is Everyone"

He is tough to find, but find out if it is the law that wins or the killer?

Jigsaw Received Mostly Unfavourable Reviews From Critics

Jigsaw Saves

Cast And Characters

The lineup of the cast is impressive and larger than life. The combo of all these people makes the movie eerie to watch.

Matt Passmore as Logan Nelson

He truly does his magic with his acting prowess.

Tobin Bell as John Kramer / Jigsaw

He is as terrifying as it can get.

Callum Keith Rennie as Detective Halloran

Watch the detective get close to catching the killer, but realize that he is chasing a ghost.

Clé Bennett as Detective Keith Hunt

Another detective does an excellent job in the cast.

Hannah Emily Anderson as Eleanor Bonneville

She has once again proved that she is versatile and ready to take on Hollywood.

Laura Vandervoort as Anna

She is breathtaking to watch on screen.

Paul Braunstein as Ryan

After Fargo, he is back with the best
display of his skills.

Mandela Van Peebles as Mitch

Watch and find out why he had so many ladies swooning on him.

Brittany Allen as Carly

Combat-ready, don’t underestimate her.

Positive Reviews
Happy Clients

Written By
Josh Stolberg And Peter Goldfinger

What Clients Say

“We love watching this movie on Halloween.”
Beverly Mosher
“I love the chills that this movie gives and also the unpredictable ending.”
Harold Renick
“Best John Kramer
acting ever.”
Pauline Cooley

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